How to earn extra money Bat Brave Browser

Hey Friends This Post is not Bitcoin about, but the technology on which Bitcoin built-Blockchain.

The Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin, and it is said to be changing the way our data is stored just like the way internet disrupte the whole ecosystem of the financial world, block chain is supposed to have a much broader impact.

The blockchain remove at least minimize the centralized authority while increasing the trust and security of data. A new projects are built on the blockchain, that you should. Know about and ride the wave before it’s too late.

At this time writing, I have two projects related to blockchain and crypto currencies on my radar. blockchain alternative to YouTube where you earn $ tube cryptocurrency  just by watching videos or by uploading your existing videos to their Platfrom. A blockchain alternative to YouTube. You can learn about this Platfrom.

This is popular browser users who value their security and privacy. Brave browser. The browser is Android and iso Platfrom on available. Brave works on a reward  which can be used by any website owner or YouTube creator to earn the Bat token. Sharing everything about how can earn BAT token with your website YouTube or twitch channel.

Brave publisher program step by step guide

Brave publisher program offers which is available for any website owner, youtube or twitcher. The setting started with Brave program Easy and fast.

The let’s for those who use WordPress, can use their WordPress plugin for quick verification. Other Platfrom users can take advertising of DNS based verification.

The best past about this program is :

  • you need to setup once and forget about it.
  • You can add multiple websites, twitch channel and YouTube channel that you own.

You have also increase earning by your readers to use Brave as their main web-browser. They are running a promo where they are offering $5 for every referral user who installs and starts using the Brave browser on your recommendation.

It’s earn free money from our existing YouTube channel, website or Twitcher channel.

The complete step-by-ste step guide Brave publisher account & BAT crypto Token.

How to get started

  • Click to Brave publisher page and create an account
  • Single account and add to multiple website, which channel and YouTube channel.
  • Select the add channel to plate from

Enter Domain

  • Depending your Platfrom use.
  • you can verify FANS using record.
  • If you use WordPress, you can using Brave Payments verification plugin.

There I use their WordPress plugin for verification followed Step:

Click on verify on the Brave verification page and that’s it.

Your website will now be added to the Brave Publisher panel. And you will earn BAT tokens when someone browser your site using the Brave browser.

Adding YouTube channel to Brave Publisher Program for making money

If you have a YouTube channel, follow these steps and you will be good

Click on allow once done, whenever someone watches your YouTube channel on Brave browser start earning BAT tokens.

Incase you have multiple YouTube channel or sites, add all your website’s.

Your website’s and YouTube channel verified, completely worth it.

Connecting Uphold to Brave Publisher account: 

important step To withdraw all the cryptocurrency coins that earn from Brave publisher program, need any Uphold account.

Creat an account on Uphold

Once your Uphold account is ready, head back to the Brave publisher dashboard, at the top, you will see the option to connect your Brave publisher account on Uphold.

Once your account is connected you can configure deposit currency. My case, I selected BTC (Bitcoin) I would like to HODL bitcoin for a longer term store of value.

Depending on the country you are in you can select USD, INR, EUR or any other currency of your choice you can  also withdraw currencies your bank account. Here is the list of countries Uphold offers bank account withdrawal.

You can take advantage of Payoneer to withdraw funds. Payoneer is a global banking service that let you have virtual bank address for USB, Europe, China, Japan and few more countries.

I practically like the point where you can transfer funds from one user to another. PayPal alternative.

  • Crate a Brave publisher account
  • Add your website or YouTube channel
  • Connect to Uphold to withdraw funds

Conclusion: Brave Publisher Program is free money

  • The dashboard regularly, this is indeed free money for every blogger, website owner, YouTube channel owner.
  • With Braves popularity in creasing, you can expect more earning with time. You have not started using the Brave browser, you should try it out now.

Download Brave browser || Visit Brave Publisher Program page|| Create on Uphold account

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