monetize images in your blog post for extra income

Monetize Images in Your Blog post for Extra Incom

I hope you now the importance of adding images to blog posts to make it both attractive and for traffic from image search engines. Today I’m going to explain you some of the unexplored way of monetizing your blog through Images. Either if you are a professional blogger or a part time blogger, mostly why bloggers blog is to make money and  “Blog is a duck laying a golden egg”. If you are smart enough, you can make the most of your blog. There are many source of income from a blog. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to monetize images and earn extra income.

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I recently realized the importance of images and started adding meaningful and beautiful images to most of my posts. And I came through an Idea of monetizing images in my blog posts. That is when I found Image Space Media to make the most from images in my blog post. Image Space Media’s transparent In-Image ads pay you for your site’s unique visual identity.

Image Space Media is the leading provider of In-Image advertising for the Internet, reaching over 55 million unique users worldwide each month. And it is really a best way for additional revenue from blogs.

Monetize Picture Blog using Image Space Media

Some may still don’t like it saying that it is not suitable for images with tutorials and steps. But In-image ads only appear when you hover on the image, so it is not  annoying like pop-under ads. Since I can’t show you the demo here in Shoutmeloud, you can check the demo here

1. Hightlights

  • Sophisticated keyword matching is based on your metadata to ensure all ads are targeted and relevant.
  • Ads only appear when hovered over the image.
  • Doesn’t conflict with other revenue sources
  • Simple snippet of JavaScript code which you can insert into your site’s code.
  • Payment via PayPal once a $25 minimum payout is reached.

You can signup and check it yourself here. It takes 24 hours for approval. And there are no restrictions on minimum traffic to get your account approved.

What do you think about monetizing images for extra income and will you start using In-Image ads in your blog?

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