7 Best WordPress Translation Plugins For A Multilanguages Websites

you are stragale the best wordpress translation plugin to help you read multilanguage sites to help i’ve collected 7 of the best wordpress translation plugins for you for each plugin, all list its key features and try to share the pros and cons of  how it handle wordpress translation.I have share to best translation plugin to I think it’s important that you automatic and manual translation plugin to actually write each individual translation, or hire some one to do it for you. it’s more time and expensive to perfect translations.

Automatic translation  your site will be automatically translated by a computer kind of like how google translate works. it’s easy and fast but can lead to errors and weird because computer translation isn’t 100% fool proof. some pf these plugins let you use both methoods. while others are more focused on just one approach, you should make sure to pick the plugin that first your unique needs.

7 Best wordpress translation plugins in 2018

1  Weglot   

it can be all expensive depending on your needs, but it’s also very convenient and has some great time saving feature. weglot take a completely different approach to wordpress translation. you connect your wordpress site to the cloud based weglot service. weglot automatically translates your ertire site using machine translation. you can manually edit the machine translation in the user friendly weglot.

weglot 100% translation your site. like your seo meta title and descreptions and it also carates an seo friendly url structure that google can ceawl and index. its the most user friendly translation plugin you find. the only potential is the price. because weglot user billing, you have to continuse to pay to use the weglot service. weglot offers a limited free plan that lets you translate up to 2000 words into one lenguage. start todays free trial of weglot

G translate

at least in its free version G Translate is launch more basic than any of the other plugins on this list. it lets you add a drop down widget translate.

  • The benifits of this translater
  • 100% free
  • It does’t take any time
  • you can include lots of languages it’s automatic
  • google won’t be able to index the translated version of your site in the free version.
  • the automatic translation be acaccurte in the free version.

3 Loco Translate

At least in its free version, G Translate is much more basic than any of the other plugin at wordpress active on 700,000+ sites. its not quit the same as other plugins, though, because it’s more focused on localization than providing full content translation manegement. that make it a good option for translatio, but not necessarily for creating a multillingual site. To do that, you can use an in dashboard editor. if you’re not familiar, a po editor is a popular translation method where you basically see the orignal translation on the left ,translation version on the right for those reason, if you want aecces to translation to localize your site rather than create a full multi site, loco Translate is a grate option.

download loco translate plugin


WPML is one of the most well know wordpress translation plugins deposite avilable only in a Premium version its massively popular and comes with tons of feature to help you create a multillingual site.

  • WPML  lets you translate your content using a simple side by side editor.
  • WPML lets you translate evrysingle aspect of your site including.

  • Theme text
  • widget text
  • page builder designs Etc.

What’s great is the fact that all of your translated translated content is SEO friendly. WPML ceeate a 100% unique version for your translated site that google can fully index. another on of WPML’s helpful features is its Translation manager. with this feature you can. create special translation users at your site if you want to hire your own translator. connect to external translation services right from your dashboard If you choose an external service that offers automatic translation, you can automatically translate your site that way.

5  Polylang

active on over 400,000 sites, polylang is one of the most popular free translation plugins at wordpress.org. the free version lets you manually tran slate most of your sites content. you can either use the string translation editor for site title and them text or you can use a seorate wordpress editor interface fortranslating individual pieces of content.

the translated version of your site are also SEO friendly and indexable. the only downaside is that you need the Pro version of you want to translate slugs in your urls. But if you want to automatically translate your site you can intergrate with the seprate lingotek translation Plugin to get access to automatic or professinol translation.

check out polylang

6  Translate Press

Translate press is a comparatively new premium translation plugin that site kind of between somthing like Wplm Polylang and something like weglot. to translate your content translate press give you a live front end interface based on the wordpress cutomizer. you can translate everything about your site, even down to youst SEO titles and description and image alt text.

all your different translation are also SEO friendly which means they get seprate URL structures ans google can crawal them. the free version is a great option if you just need a basic translation into a single language but if you want more control over SEO and access to multiple different languages.

Check out Translate press

7  Transposh

this editor has all about mail facilitation and improves human translation management new translation version we are exited to latest version. the administrator will be able to receive notification on the human translation made in the mail facility site, in the free version. This translation plugin to free of cost your site and automatic human translation transposh translation filter forword press offers a unique approache to blog translation. it allow your blog cumbine automatic translation with human translation.

Transposh includes the following feature

support for any language including RTL/LTR layouts. unique drag drop interface for choosing viewable google,bing,yandex or apertium translation backneds. 177 languages supported. Rss feeds are translated too translated languges are searchable buddypress intergration. get install plugin and search for plugin transposh and get install to active.

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