The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor Coming In WordPress 5.0


If you’re like most blogger you probably use WordPress to Power your blog. WordPress is in my Opinion and that of many other, the best tool running a blog. Not only is it the best It is also the world’s most popular content management           system powering of all website on the internet.

It is about to get a completely redesigned editing experience.

Yes, the way that you write your blog posts in WordPress is about to change massively. It is expected to give you a lot more flexibility in writing structuring your blog posts.

This change is coming in the form of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to what the Gutenberg editor is, give you a brief look at explaining how it works. I will also tell you when you can expect to see the new editor, and share a few other minor relevant details.
What Is The WordPress Gutenberg Editor?

Gutenberg is a completely redesigned editor aimed at replacing the current TinyMCE editor that WordPress has used for, well, pretty much forever.

Gutenberg’s goal is to make it easier and more accessible for casual users to create unique content structures by using blocks(I’ll explain this in a second).

Or, in the words of Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress

This time is running TinyMEC editor ,this is currect wordpress TinyMEC editor look like:

The new Gutenberg wordpress editor look and like:

How Does The WordPress Gutenberg Editor Work?

If you’re using WordPress, I’m sure you’re familiar with how the current editor works – you have a single box where you write your text, add your images, embed videos, etc.

Gutenberg changes that by letting you write your posts using multiple “blocks”.

A “block” can be pretty much anything. For example, these count as a block:

  • A paragraph of text
  • An image
  • An embedded video
  • A quote
  • A button

Here’s an example of how the different blocks work. In the GIF below, you can see that I have added four different blocks:

  • Two paragraph text blocks
  • One image block
  • One video block

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